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Why are you in business?

We are in business to help “at-risk” minority youth living in inner city environments broaden their horizons and gain new perspectives through local and international travel and direct immersion into new environments.

Who are your customers?

Our program targets high school-aged minority students living in inner cities who would otherwise not have the opportunity to travel due to circumstance and socioeconomic positioning.

What can you do for them?

Through The Now Boarding Corporation we will be able to engage students in a one-of-a-kind travel program that offers them experiences that were previously out of reach. Selected students will engage in a year-long program that includes seminars on international travel, culture and lifestyle of selected destination, international business and cultural immersion in their home cities. After completion of the home-based program, students will travel during the month of August to the destination that they have spent the year learning about. While abroad they will engage in community service activities, visit landmarks and historical sites and potential universities that offer study abroad programs. Students will also be given access to programming focused on college preparation, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

What image do you want to convey?

We want to convey to our students there is more to the world than what they may see on an everyday basis. We want to give them the opportunity to imagine futures they had never before conceived while providing them with the necessary tools to actively pursue new dreams. We want to convey to the world that it is access to opportunity that makes a difference in changing the lives of all youth.

What factors determine pricing and quality?

Our program will be offered at no cost to our students, which essentially means that the quality of programming that we can offer, along with the amount of students, we can offer to will depend on grants and the generosity of our donors. Costs can include travel expenses, insurance, passports, visas, food and lodging, event tickets, and learning materials.

How do you differ from competitors?

Across the country many organizations offer exchange programs for high school students that often come with a cost that has to be covered prior to departure. While these programs are effective they leave out a population of individuals who can’t afford such an expense due to their annual income.

Can you use their weaknesses?

The Now Boarding Corporation will capitalize on those weaknesses by offering our services at no cost to the student, or family. In addition, with our program the student will have time to learn about the desired destination prior to departure and have the comfort of traveling with individuals they have interacted with for the past several months.

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