Meet the CEO

Rickkay L.T. King
President & CEO

Rickkay L.T. King is President and CEO of The Now Boarding Corporation, a non-profit organization he founded in 2015. Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside he is the eldest of ten siblings. As a minority male from an inner city he personally relates to the difficulties numerous youth face growing up with lower socioeconomic backgrounds. As an undergraduate at Clark Atlanta University, Rickkay had the opportunity to spend a summer semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain. This experience forever changed his outlook on the world and sparked his love for travel and exploration.Upon returning home he noticed how rare it was for his peers and others in his community to even have thoughts about such an experience. Being plagued by the constant reminder that such experiences are perceived to be only for the rich who can afford it creates a barricade of negative thoughts, which often prevents many minorities from leaving their home cities or even neighborhoods. To prevent this endless cycle of self-doubt and missed opportunities Rickkay has decided to attack the problem at its core through the young minds of the very individuals this dilemma faces daily. Rickkay received his bachelor’s degree from Roosevelt University in Psychology, 2011. He obtained a master’s degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University, 2015 and plans to obtain a doctoral degree abroad. He also has over five years of experience working with youth through various organizations, community service, and previous employment.

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Contact Us:
Phone: 310-946-8491

The Now Boarding Corporation
P.O. Box 70194
Los Angeles, CA 90070

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